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  • Initially, the valley of Kashmir used to be vast Lake

    The most commonly spoken language in the Vale of Kashmir

    To the far north of India is the land of sparkling rivers and placid lakes Kashmir....
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    KASHMIR ( 13 DAYS) Covering

    Covering :  Srinagar, Pahelgaon, Vaishnodevi

    The most commonly spoken language in the Vale of Kashmir is Kashmiri (or Kashur). The younger generation speaks English quite well. Most of the sign-boards and directions are written in English. English is one of the official languages of the government apart from Kashmiri, Urdu, Gojri and Dogri.

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  • Ecco enswom sucaal

    Kinnaur Travel In Himachal Pradesh

    Kinnaur is a border district, located in the southeastern of Himachal Pradesh....

    KINNAUR (12 DAYS) Covering

    Covering :   Simla, Sarahan, Sangla, Kalpa

    Lulled by the sweet folk songs of the Kinneri women, the vale of Kinnaur provides a calm ambience to all tourists, young and old. While the youthful and the daring harness nature's hilltops with their trekking expeditions, the more laidback traveler can savor the delight of the tranquil mountains amidst the rich verdure. Kinnaur, with its colorful and hospitable population, can be an absolute delight for the ones who admire the highlanders. This land of fairytales and fantasies has a spectacular terrain of lush green valleys, orchards, vineyards snow-clad peaks and cold desert mountains.

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  • Ecco enswom sucaal

    Goa is usually a world popular travel.

    Welcome to the surreal beauty of an endless, sea and silver sandy beaches....

    GOA (8 DAYS) Covering

    Covering :   North Goa, South Goa

    Welcome to the surreal beauty of an endless, vast expanse of the clear blue sea and silver sandy beaches, the verdant lofty mountains and imposing, grand forts. Come to Goa for a complete holiday experience, unwind and sooth your senses with a cool drink on a beach bed or be a total party animal at happening beach and club parties. For adventure-freaks looking for an adrenaline rush, there are water-sports and other adventure-sports in plenty. Those seeking the solace of religion will find a multitude of ancient temples and ornate churches, each with its own little story. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, s a must see for some great insights into the Portuguese history of Goa, which dictates most of Goan culture and lifestyle. The foodie-haven for sea-food and other exquisite cuisines, Goa has a little something for everyone.

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