our puja package and winter package booking open 

 CHARDHAM 16DAYS  D.O.J :19/9/2019   RS 18500/-



VIZAG- ARAKU  7 DAYS D.O.J 7/10/2019  RS 7000/-

KERALA  14 DAYS D.O.J 10/10/2019  RS 17500/-

DOOARS 7 DAYS D.O.J 30/10/2019  RS 9000/-


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Covering : College Excursion
0 is committed to providing quality education based school camping programs that are enjoyable for students and hassle free for the teachers. Our team provides a chance to the students to enhance their hidden potential. The programs are aimed at boosting student's self-confidence, self belief and preparing them to meet challenges through a varied curriculum of fun, games and activities. We organize innovative programs to work on behavioral aspects and to enhance the capabilities of children along with taking them to heritage sites visits and nice outing with hard as well as mild trekking schedules.

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